Due to the rich culture and religion, Laos is a land of festivals and celebrations that occur all year round. Buddhism is at the very heart of Lao culture and has a major influence on people’s daily life. It is a very unique version of Theravada Buddhism based on the earliest teachings of Buddha and followed by most of the people in the country. It is also often closely tied to animist and ancestral spirits beliefs.

A festival is called « Boun » in Lao langage. They are linked to agricultural seasons, historical Buddhist holidays, political holidays and also plenty of animist and minorities celebrations. They usually involved formal celebrations in temples – called « Wat » – and which are the focal point for festivities, parads and rituals. But Lao people also take the opportunity to gather and celebrate with a lot of drinks, food, and loud music.

The best way to immerse yourself into Lao culture is to experience one of those fascinating and joyful festivals. Here are the names of the most popular festivals in Laos : Pimai the Lao New year, the That Luang Festival, Boun Bang Fai the Rocket Festival, Boun Ok Phansa the end of Buddhist lent, Lai Heua Fai the Fire Boats Festival, the Hmong New year.