Have you ever heard the call of asian roads, the call of wildness, serenity and adventure.
Have you ever dream of discovering some of the world’s oldest cultures, ancient empires, architecture from old centuries, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Feel small in front of majestic temples, highest mountains, the infinite sea, hidden caves and waterfalls.
Wander by foot, motorbike, train, boat, bus, or bicycle. Walk through lush green jungle, rice fields, dusty roads, remote villages. Feel humble in front of the simple way of life of fishermen, farmers, waivers.
Feel the warm welcome and hospitality of people, talk with them, share a meal, make friends.
Learn about different and rich cultures, change your habits, get used to new customes, show respect and stay openminded. Be curious about people, history, religion, traditions.
Experience magical and joyful festivals, let yourself be invited to weddings, ceremonies.
Awake your senses by experiencing the local food, visit markets and their mysterious aromas, bizarre spectacles, mouth-watering delicacies.
Get lost in busy gigantic asian capitals and bustling cities, discover their diversities, follow your instinct, get lost.
Be amazed by beautiful landscapes, the serenity of the Mekong, the authenticity of a slow and simple life, the smile of a stranger, the warm colors of a sunset.
Observed the wildlife, his powerful and majestic animals: elephants, monkeys, birds, snakes, tigers, spiders.
Be ready for experiences and magical moments you won’t find anywhere else.